Extremley easy to use. Intuitive interface for all age groups.
Used at 500+ stores nationwide.
Can be installed on large/medium kiosk terminal or mounted on the wall using tablets.
Adpaptable to any terminal with any screen resolutions.
5 different themes available to match your store's ambience.
Multi-language support.
Capture customer signature and tip amount entry.
Easy and flexible menu and modifier setup.
Option to choose takeout or dine-in.
Option to process payment as cash or credit card.
Option to ask customer's phone # to send text when food is ready.
Collected phone #'s can be used for marketing later.
Option to print or send receipts via text message.
Food court ready : One terminal can contain menus for multiple stores.
Kiosk can be installed in remote location such as office building lobby. Orders are sent to store via internet.
Can also be used as self order tablet on dining tables or at bar counters.

Kiosk Sample : Fast Food Style 1

Kiosk Sample : Fast Food Style 2

Kiosk Sample : Sushi Restaurant

Kiosk Sample : Food Court