“how can we create a retail software that will help customers increase sales?ˮ

What are you looking for?

Easy Inventory Management

Better Management

Adaptable & Flexible

Rock Solid Reliability

Powerful Marketing

Employee Theft Prevention

Better Reporting

Competitive Price

Powerful Inventory Management

Powerful yet easy to use inventory management.
Automatically Lookup item information from internet including item name, description, size, and picture.
Quickly search for items based similarity and UPC groups.
Print price tag & shelf tag lables with one click.
Easy to setup mix & match and tag along items.
Supports thousands of promotion combinations.
Convenient daily, weekly & monthly sales lookup without going to reports screen.
Price, promotion, and inventory change history.

Completely Customizable

Easily adaptable to any types of retail stores.
Adaptable to small retail stores to nationwide grocery chains.
Beautiful, easy to use interface.
Powerful and easy to setup promotions.
Supports most hardware in the market. Weight scales, scanners, finger print readers, customer displays, and more.
Sign pad and pin pad integration from multiple vendors such as Verifone and PAX.
Supports multiple languages and currencies.
Customize sales screen's layout to anyway you like!
Assign any colors, location, size, and keyboard shortcuts.
Assign frequently sold items as quick buttons.
Packed withall the features you'll ever need to run store successfully.
Touch screen based but also fully supports keyboard operation.

Tons Of Management Features

Inventory management, receive, and checks.
Purchase order creation and procurement.
Automatic purchase order generation. No need to add items one by one to purchase order.
Option to create purchase order automatically based on past sales data and artifical inteligence.
Batch processing quickly applies changes to thousands of items sucha as 10% increase in price.
Diffferent pricing for vendors. Useful in wholesale.
Employee setup, security, payouts, payroll, and time clock.
Multi-level employee security, theft detection, and prevention.
Manage vendors, customers, and account receivables.
Arrange your frequently used management tools on one screen.

Rock Solid Reliability

Reliability built on decades of development experience.
One of the most reliable POS software in the industry.
Most dealers provide 24/7 customer supports. No more "please wait until Monday when the office opens" non-sense.
Knowledgeable technical support team. Some even worked more than 10 years.
Bulletproof software that never crashes.
Industry's fastest updates and bug fixes.
Automatic data backup to 3 different locations.
Internet data backup and restore option.

Powerful Marketing

Send text marketing messages with photos to thousands of customers at once. For example, send "Today's Family Dinner Special" text message with picture of the food around 5:30 pm when people are starting to head back home.
Send marketing email messages created from multiple templates.
Create coupons, letters, door hangers, gift certificates, and greeting cards.
Uses A.I. (artificial intelligence) to predict items customers might like but haven't tried. And suggest that item when customer orders next time.
Uses A.I. to help you choose customers most likely to visit your store. Start promotional campaigns based on this result.
Track effectiveness of marketing campaigns and uses its data to improve next campaign.
Using the latest technology from behavioral science, JKRetail helps customers develop an habit to visit your store more often.
Send reward amount expiration reminder text to customer.
Send reward amount milestone reminder text to customer.
Supports bonus card customer reward program.
Variable reward amount depending on sales amount.
Customizable marketing wizard to perform marketing campaign automatically.

Employee Theft Prevention

Anti-Theft utility detects over 20 different types of employee theft types.
Records each theft attempt in detail showing employee, data/time, invoice #, total amount, discount %, etc.
Employee theft text alerting : Sends text message to the owner when theft activity is detected.
Sentry System : When a theft attempt is detected, alert message appears and can only be unlocked by the manager.
Uses artificial intelligence to show which employees are most likely to steal.
Utilizes data science to determine which employee is most liked by customers.
Detailed audit list that shows every action taken by employees such as creating new order, item add, item delete, discounts, voids, payment, etc.
Block employees before attempting theft.
Flexible tip processing and sharing.
Uses behavioral science to nudge employees to greet customers more kindly.
Smooth shift transfers.
Detailed and customizable drawer in/out reports.
Employee commissions.
Powerful anti-theft module.
Detects and blocks suspicious employee actions.
Numerous employee privilege levels based on position.
Records every suspicious employee activities.
Powerful, detailed employee audit reports.
Supports integrated cashier monitoring camera.

Reports, Reports, Reports

Hundreds of reports in nine categories.
Export reports to PDF, Excel, Quickbooks, or Word format.
Print all reports on either laser of invoice printer.
E-Mail reports or even fax reports to you!
Receieve reports via email automatically!

Multi-Store/Franchise Ready

Adaptable to single store or nationwide franchise.
Cloud based sales data & giftcard synchronization.
View reports for all store from the your PC, tablet, or cell phone.
Enterprise edition can manages up to 99,999 stores!

Competitive Pricing and Merchant Services

One of the most affordable, yet most powerful POS systems in the market. That's why over 12,000 stores use our software.
Flexible one time purchase or monthly rent options.
Freedom to choose a dealer who give best credit card rates.
Optional cash discount feature where credit card fees are charged to the customer.
Use any merchant services processors you choose including Chase, Elavon, Evo, FirstData, Global Payments, TSYS, and WorldPay.
We strictly require our dealers to have highest integrity and honest business practices.