Artificial Intelligence Advisor

Artificial Intelligence Advisor (A.I Advisor) feature of JKSoft POS Software Suite uses the latest technology in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral engineering to help you increase revenue, improve employee management, and run business better.

Before, the owner of the store had to proactively analyze reports, create marketing campaigns, make other countless business decisions manually. And that takes a lot of time and effort.

JKSoft's A.I Advisor analyzes data for you, evaluates who are good employees to keep, discourages employees from stealing, gives action suggestions on how to improve business operations, optimizes store performance and save labor costs, send you alert when something is going wrong, lets you easily start marketing campaign and evaluate results to improves them in the future, even lead customers subconsciously to visit your store more often and spend more.

In a nutshell, A.I Advisor does many of the work for you, so you can spend your time on more important things in life.

Increase Revenue

Uses the latest technology in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral engineering to increase revenue.
Start various types of marketing campaigns.
Text : Send text messages with a photo of the food item on designated time and day. For example, send text messages to customers at 11:30 AM, right before lunch, "How about tasty burger at Shake Shack?"
EMail : Send email for any occasions with coupons.
Coupons : Create custom coupons to be printed directly or through the print shop.
Door Hangers : Let the neighborhood know you're having a grand opening!
Gift Certificates : Make customers feel more special than just handing out the coupons.
Automatically selects customers most likely to visit the store and concentrate marketing campaign.
Machine learning evaluates marketing campaign and improves effectiveness as time goes on.
Learns customer's behavior and predicts their favorite food item.
Cross references with other customer's orders and predict items that that customer haven't tried but most likely to purchase.
Use behavioral engineering methods to make customers develope a habit to visit your store more often.

Improve Employee Management

Uses the latest technology in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral engineering to manage employees better.
Detect and prevent employee thefts.
"Sentry System" monitors theft attempts, starts video recording, and locks the POS. Only owner or manager can unlock the POS. Discouraging further theft attempts by the employee.
Video/Picture recorded time clock.
"Anti-Theft" system detects over 20 different common theft attempts.
Detailed audit on each theft attempt.
Text/email when theft attempts occur.
Color coded employee rating system. Similar to the weather radar system that shows which area is in danger.
A.I. learns and predicts which employees are more likely to steal money.
Employee analysis using data science allows you to keep good employees and let go of bad ones.
Silently nudges employees to perform more efficiently and treat customers better using behavioral engineering.
A.I based labor prediction that helps you how many and when employees should work so it minimizes labor cost.

Run Business Better

Uses the latest technology in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral engineering to run stores at peak efficiency and increase repeat customers.
Multi-tiered customer loyalty system. More customers spend, the more rewards they get.
Prints "use it or lose it" customer rewards coupon when preset reward amount is reached.
Set rewards expiration and send auto reminder to customers via email or text message. For example, "Hey Jenny, your customer reward of $10 is expiring at the end of the month. Why don't you stop by and get your favorite caramel latte?" (JKRestaurant already knows caramel latte is her favorite drink)
Sends auto reminders to customers via email or text message when a preset reward amount is reached. For example, "Hey Jenny, congratulations! You have earned a customer reward of $10. Why don't you stop by sometime? Here's a coupon to buy 2 coffees and get 1 free." (JKRestaurant already knows Jenny usually comes with another friend. This coupon leads Jenny to bring another potential customer.)
Analyzes which customer is most repeated customer. Then take actions to keep these important customers.
Helps customers to develope a habit to visit your store more often. For example, if customer is only visits in the morning, it can issue a "afternoon coffee" coupon.
Predicts customer's demographic such as single, married with family, usual visit time, average spend amount, visit frequency, etc and suggest customized, most likely effective coupons. For example, if a customer seems to have a family, JKRestaurant suggests "Family Dinner Special."
We can even figure out if customers usually visit alone or with friends.
Gently nudge customers to give more tips.
Compares with other customer's orders and suggests an item the customer never tried but might like. JKRestaurant can let you know, when customers orders and employee can suggest a sample of that item.
Predict item sales demand based on past data, weather, holidays, etc. For example, JKretaurant suggest "it's likely about 3200 Big Macs will be sold this week."
Print customer satisfaction survey with coupon.
Checks how well the restaurant is operated and suggest improvements.
Analyze items sales and checks and suggests good/bad item trends. It can even text you if there's decline in popular menu item sales after chef change.
Many ways to make a customer's visiting experience special.